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Guidelines for Staffing a Local Criminal Justice Coordinating Committee

NCJ Number
Michael R. Jones
Date Published
December 2012
64 pages
Guidelines are presented for staffing a local Criminal Justice Coordinating Committee (CJCC), which is the forum for coordinating the policies, programs, administration, and planning of a city, county, or State criminal justice system.
Chapter 1 describes the context in which a CJCC and its staff function, including the scope of work the CJCC should have and the staff's role in the CJCC's efforts. Chapter 2 guides county administrators and other CJCC members in obtaining and retaining criminal justice planning staff. It advises that a staff person involved in planning must have significantly different qualities than others who typically work in the justice system. Chapter 3 addresses the criminal justice planning staff in providing information and recommendations that focuses on the distinctive features of criminal justice planning. Major responsibilities of criminal justice planning staff are outlined under the tasks of facilitation, research and analysis, presentation and instruction, project management, consultation, and managing an information clearinghouse. One appendix presents a sample job description that jurisdictions can use in hiring criminal justice planning staff. Another appendix provides a sample mission, vision statement, and values for criminal justice planning staff. A third appendix describes an updated Web site that has resources for CJCCs and planning staff. Examples are provided throughout the guide to illustrate the information in the text. In addition, many professionals who currently or previously worked for CJCCs offer advice.