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Gun Violence Prevention Action Kit

NCJ Number
Date Published
15 pages
Sample pages from the web site "http://www.jointogether.org" provide information to help citizens take action to prevent gun violence.
Information is provided on particular firearms litigation, as in growing numbers communities across the country are demanding that the gun industry be held accountable for the public health costs associated with firearm-related injury and death. Lobbying efforts by the National Rifle Association to enact legislation to block such litigation are also described. Some "press releases" and "latest news" focus on tracking firearm deaths and injuries as well as the expansion of the Wisconsin Firearm Injury Reporting System. Information on the funding of efforts to prevent gun violence encompasses an appeal for funders to embrace a public health approach to gun violence, the emergence of a new philanthropic movement, Internet information designed to connect donors and nonprofit organizations, the availability of tech grants for nonprofit organizations, free computers for nonprofit organizations, and a new way to donate to charity. The web site is based on the premise that for gun violence to decrease, citizens must get involved to find solutions. To help make this possible, the web site provides users with the latest news in the gun violence prevention field, links to other web sites, action alerts, legislative action tools, and useful statistics and funding information. It also offers survivors of gun violence the chance to share their stories and find support.