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Handgun Regulations Guide for Vacationers

NCJ Number
Law and Order Volume: 30 Issue: 7 Dated: (July 1982) Pages: 46-53
Date Published
8 pages
State-by-State information is provided on laws pertaining to nonuniformed officers carrying a handgun out of their State jurisdiction.
Information is provided for all U.S. States and Territories with the exception of Nebraska, Rhode Island, and Tennessee, which did not reply to the questionnaire. Information is provided on the circumstances under which it is legal for an officer to carry a handgun on official duties. Information on regulations for the carrying of handguns off-duty covers whether it is legal when traveling, a permit is required, legal when exposed, legal when concealed on the person, legal when concealed in the vehicle, legal when in the truck, and legal when in the glove compartment. It is apparent there is no standard regulation among the States, and in almost every case, the law is subject to varying interpretations for each condition. When crossing the borders of his/her own State, an off-duty officer will most likely be on safe legal ground if the handgun is stowed in the vehicle's trunk or luggage compartment. Still, the most realistic advice is 'traveler beware.'