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Hawaii High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area: Drug Market Analysis 2009

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Date Published
February 2009
18 pages
An overview is presented assessing the illicit drug problem in the Hawaii High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area (HIDTA).
Highlights from the assessment include: 1) ice methamphetamine trafficking and abuse are the most significant drug threats to the Hawaii High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area (HIDTA) region; 2) Mexican drug trafficking organizations (DTOs) are the primary transporters and distributors of the drug; 3) some illegal cannabis cultivators, particularly on the Big Island and Maui, exploit Hawaii's State medical marijuana laws to conceal their illicit production and distribution activities; 4) most crimes perpetrated in Hawaii are drug-related, particularly those involving methamphetamine; and 5) Mexican DTOs send drug proceeds primarily by package delivery services. The threat posed by the trafficking and abuse of ice methamphetamine will not diminish in the near-term, remaining the most significant drug threat to Hawaii HIDTA region; and the Hawaii HIDTA will remain one of the most significant cannabis cultivation and marijuana production areas in the Nation. This assessment provides a strategic overview of the illicit drug situation in the Hawaii HIDTA, highlighting significant trends and law enforcement concerns related to the trafficking and abuse of illicit drugs. The report provides policymakers, resource planners, and law enforcement officials with a focused discussion of key drug issues and developments facing the Hawaii HIDTA. Figure, table, and list of sources