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Healing for Rape: A 12-Step Recovery Journal

NCJ Number
Deborah Louise Butler
Date Published
63 pages
Utilizing the author’s personal victimization journal/story, this paper, adapted from the AA 12-step program, provides a discussion of the 12 steps to recovery from rape.
The 12 steps for rape recovery are different from the 12-step program for alcoholics. Instead of the alcoholic being powerless over the alcohol, the rape survivor is powerless over the rape and its aftereffects. In step 1, help is sought because the rape survivor is hurting and cannot function. In step 2, the survivor believes that God can soothe the feelings. In step 3, the pain is given to God to handle. Step 4 is a written detailed description of the rape and the survivor’s feelings about the rape. In step 5, the fourth step is shared with another person. In steps 6 through 9, rape survivors process what they have become as a result of the rape and learn how to love themselves. Step 10 is a review of daily behavior and when slipping back into hurtful behaviors toward themselves and others they altar it immediately. Step 11 continues the connection with God and accepting his help. In the 12th and final step, survivors reach out to help other rape survivors. After presenting her personal story as a rape victim and the aftereffects of the rape on her personal self and others around her, the author presents 12 steps to recovery as a rape survivor which are adapted from the Alcoholics Anonymous 12-step program. Appendix 1-3