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Hi-Point Firearms: Model 995 Carbine

NCJ Number
Police: The Law Enforcement Magazine Volume: 26 Issue: 12 Dated: December 2002 Pages: 62-64
Roy Huntington
David Griffith
Date Published
December 2002
3 pages
This article presents a review of the affordable and functional Hi-Point Firearms’ carbines with specifics on the Model 995 Carbine rifle.
With today’s shrinking police budgets, Hi-Point Firearms is seen as both affordable and functional, specifically the Model 995 Carbine rifle. Hi-Point Firearms has been in the gun business for approximately 12 years with all its guns made in the United States. The Model 995 Carbine is a two-piece plastic affair, screwed together with all the curves. The barrel is 16.5 inches long with an overall length of 31.5 inches. It has a sling and mounts several magazines, a laser, compensator, and a Weaver mount that screws right on. The safety is seen as working well and the firing pin clicks each time the trigger is pulled. At 25 yards and closer the carbine printed ragged, tea-cup sized groups, quick work on multiple targets, and bullets found the right spots on the targets with regularity. The carbine had virtually no recoil, low muzzle report, low muzzle flash, and top accuracy. The Model 995 is considered tough-as-a-tank and a basic package delivering ammo quickly and accurately.


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