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Homeless Youth in Hollywood: Patterns of Alcohol Use

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M J Robertson
Date Published
18 pages
The report presents a descriptive summary of an exploratory study of 93 homeless adolescents in the Hollywood area of Los Angeles County that was designed to provide a broad profile of homeless adolescents and focus on mental health status and substance abuse issues.
This sample of homeless adolescents constituted a high use group in terms of their historic and current alcohol use. They were characterized by a prevalence of alcohol abuse six to eight times greater than their age peers who were not homeless. Compared to non-homeless adolescents, the homeless adolescents used alcohol at a younger age, experienced greater impaired social functioning due to alcohol use, and practiced exaggerated current consumption patterns. Adolescents who abused alcohol were more likely to have abused other drugs and to have a variety of mental health problems. Parent alcohol problems appeared to be a significant contributor to homelessness among these homeless adolescents. See NCJ 137586 for complete report