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Housing Air Force and Army Inmates Overseas

NCJ Number
Corrections Today Volume: 54 Issue: 1 Dated: (February 1992) Pages: 70,72,74,76
R G Jones
Date Published
4 pages
The U.S. Army Confinement Facility-Mannheim (USACF-M) is the largest American confinement facility in Europe; up to 125 inmates are housed at the facility which is staffed and operated by soldiers from the Army's Headquarters Company, 22 civilian administrative personnel, and 8 Air Force security police.
During peacetime, the facility houses pre- and post-trial Army and Air Force inmates pending their release or transfer to foreign government authorities, the U.S. Army Disciplinary Barracks, or a regional confinement facility in the U.S. The C block confinement area houses inmates who may be suicidal or those who have lost their privileges or who are in disciplinary isolation. The D block holds inmates who are in protective custody or who are receiving major medical treatment; the rest of the inmates are confined in the A or B blocks and receive full privileges. All post-trial inmates work in the facility industries section of carpentry, welding, and painting shops. The facility also supports the Mannheim military community. The facility's special staff includes a social work officer, several behavioral science specialists, a chaplain and an assistant, and part-time pianist/choir director.