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How Much Does White Collar Crime Cost?

NCJ Number
J C Helmkamp; K J Townsend; J A Sundra
Date Published
21 pages
This paper discusses the problems associated with estimates of the annual costs of white-collar crimes and addresses the difficulties associated with available white-collar crime data and limitations in studying the financial impact of white collar crimes on individuals, families, and society.
Information on white-collar crimes was obtained from library searches, book reviews, professional meetings, and other sources. In addition, searches conducted using the Internet identified many new and nontraditional sources of white-collar crime information. Costs are estimated for employee theft, cargo theft, health care fraud, consumer and personal fraud, insurance fraud, corporate tax fraud, computer-related and other high-tech crime, check fraud, counterfeiting, telecommunications fraud, credit and debit card fraud, corporate financial crime, money laundering, savings and loan fraud, coupon and rebate fraud, and arson for profit. Annual losses from the preceding white-collar crimes are estimated at $426 billion to $1.7 trillion. 74 references