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How to Stop a Stalker

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Mike Proctor
Date Published
292 pages
This book discusses protection from a stalker and how to help put stalkers in jail.
Chapter 1 defines a stalker, the legal aspects of the crime of stalking, and describes a common scenario perpetrated by a stalker. Chapter 2 describes the types of stalkers, which include domestic violence, acquaintance, and stranger stalkers. The reasons why they stalk include fantasy, rage, obsession, sexual perversion, and revenge. In chapter 3, the tools of the stalker are discussed, including gifts and notes, vandalism, and surveillance. Chapter 4 discusses ways to limit stalking exposure. Some of these ways are to use all powers of perception, be aware of cyberstalking techniques, be careful with house keys, and consider taking a self-defense class. There is a discussion in chapter 5 on steps to take when dealing with a stalker. These steps include documenting everything, notifying law enforcement, and seeking counseling. Chapter 6 describes how to reduce security risks, including family notification, and using trip itineraries, variation of routine, and cellular phones. Home, vehicle, and workplace security measures are detailed. The legal remedies for stalking are discussed in chapter 7. Some of these remedies include restraining orders and stalking torts, which provide civil remedies. Chapter 8 describes what to expect during a stalking trial. Chapter 9 provides a review of stalking. 2 appendices, 36 notes, bibliography, index