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Hypnosis as a Countermeasure Against the Polygraph Test of Deception: Bibliographic Resources

NCJ Number
Polygraph Volume: 31 Issue: 4 Dated: 2002 Pages: 293-297
Melvin A. Gravitz
Dean Polina Ph.D.
Date Published
5 pages
This paper presents a bibliography of experimental and applied studies for reference by professionals and others who are interested in either hypnosis or psychophysiological investigation as a countermeasure against the polygraph.
Hypnosis use as a direct polygraph countermeasure has received some attention in the professional and scientific literature, as well as a number of studies that indirectly bear on the matter. Many of the references utilize the well-documented research-verified power of hypnosis to impact memory. In addition, it has been demonstrated that hypnosis can be used to reconstruct memory so that a subject’s recollection of an event is changed. Studies show that hypnosis can modify physiological responses, as well as the role of post-hypnotic suggestions can have an immediate relevance to polygraph countermeasures. This paper presents bibliographic resources for professionals interested in hypnosis as a countermeasure against the polygraph test. References