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Impact Incarceration Program

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R J Jones; S P Karr
Date Published
50 pages
This report evaluates the Illinois Impact Incarceration Program (IIP) and profiles offenders who have been selected for program participation.
The IIP attempts to promote lawful behavior in offenders by providing a specialized program that develops responsibility, self- esteem, and positive self-concept while addressing the underlying causes of criminality. This report provides a statistical overview of eligible offenders, program participant flow data, and recidivism and cost information. As of June 30, 1995, Illinois judges had referred over 10,000 offenders to IIP; the Department of Corrections had approved 62 percent of those recommendations. The typical IIP inmate is a 22-year-old black male with a history of substance abuse and an 11th-grade education. He has been convicted of a property or drug offense and is serving a 4-year sentence. Since February 1991, 4,079 offenders have completed the 120-day IIP, while 1,647 inmates have dropped out, either voluntarily or for disciplinary reasons. Twenty-one percent of a sample of 795 IIP graduates were returned to prison for a new conviction within 3 years of their release. Total cost savings since the program's inception in 1993 is estimated to be nearly $13.5 million. 6 tables, 5 figures, and 4 appendixes