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Improving the forensic documentation of injuries through alternate light: A researcher-practitioner partnership

NCJ Number
Journal of Forensic Nursing Dated: April 2022
Katherine N. Scafide; Rachell A. Ekroos ; R. Kevin Mallinson; Abeer Alshahrani; Jessica Volz ; Debra S. Holbrook ; Matthew J. Hayat
Date Published
April 2022

This article introduces the forensic nursing community to a current translation-into-practice project focused on developing and evaluating an ALS implementation program to improve the assessment and documentation of bruises among adult patients with a history of interpersonal violence.


In the current study, our researcher–practitioner collaboration uses theory-based approaches that consider both the developed program's practice context and stakeholder impact. The goal is to provide evidentiary support for adult victims of violence and a more equitable forensic nursing practice that benefits diverse patient populations. (Publisher abstract provided)