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Indexed Legislative History of the "Anti-Drug Abuse Act of 1986"

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This document presents and indexes the sections of the Congressional Record from September 11, 1986 through October 17, 1986 that detail the contents and legislative history of the Anti-Drug Abuse Act of 1986.
The law was designed to strengthen Federal efforts to encourage foreign cooperation in eradicating illicit drug crops and in halting international drug traffic and to improve the enforcement of Federal drug laws and enhance the interdiction of illicit drug shipments. It also aimed to provide strong Federal leadership in establishing effective drug abuse prevention and education programs and to expand Federal support for drug treatment and rehabilitation efforts. Individual sections of the legislative history describe the function of the Director of the Bureau of Justice Assistance, the nature and requirements of the drug law enforcement grant program, the apprehension of drug offenders, the prosecution and adjudication of drug offenders, correctional resources, and drug eradication programs. Additional sections focus on drug dependency, demonstration programs, grant applications, state strategies, certification and assurances, and the discretionary grant program. Text of legislation and appended presidential statements when the bill was signed on October 27, 1986