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Indomitable Mindset: Winning Is Everything in a Lethal Encounter (From Patrol Response to Contemporary Problems: Enhancing Performance of First Responders Through Knowledge and Experience, P 5-25, 2006, John A. Kolman, ed. -- See NCJ-215624)

NCJ Number
George W. Ryan
Date Published
21 pages
This chapter discusses police training that is designed to develop and maintain "The Indomitable Mindset," which is an "offensive-based state of mind that is adopted and then cultivated through a positive mental attitude, visualization, and intense physical and professional training."
When "The Indomitable Mindset" (TIM) is practiced, it endows officers with strong willpower and an ability to harness fear under threats. Further, it seeks positive resolutions in conflicts. Training for the cultivation of TIM first involves conditioning for a positive mental attitude. This is the attitude that there is no circumstance and no individual that you cannot control to achieve the outcome you desire. The mind controls the functions of the body and the attitude projected to others in an encounter. A second feature of training to achieve TIM is visualization. Prior to answering a call or making a vehicle stop, a mental visualization of the possible threats that can emerge should be practiced, including how to react in the scenario. Visualization prepares both the mind and the body to react quickly and confidently should the scenario visualized actually occur. Physical training is a third feature of achieving TIM. Achieving and knowing that you have physical fitness beyond that of the ordinary person increases not only your ability to win in a physical encounter but also the confidence needed to dominate the will of your opponent. Comprehensive training in the full spectrum of skills necessary for officers to succeed in their jobs is essential. Knowing that one has received such training cultivates TIM. Other personal characteristics and abilities that must be pursued in training for TIM are exercises that develop a strong will, techniques for managing fear, the creation of awareness skills, and relaxation techniques for the mind and body. 5 references