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Inmates' Visitors

NCJ Number
A J Lewis
Date Published
41 pages
Gathered from regulations of New York State prisons, this information is designed to help those whose loved ones are in custody to have pleasant and productive visiting.
Topics covered include advice on finding out about the arrest of a loved one and methods of securing bail, a description of Riker's Island, a 'holdover' facility for men and women awaiting trial in New York City; and a discussion of rules for good behavior allowance. Detailed advice is given on bringing packages, transportation to prisons, searching, visiting days and times, identification required, conditions of visitation, cross-visiting, ex-inmate visiting, and parolee visiting. Grounds for termination of a visit are listed, along with the rules for reconsideration of suspension or revocation. Conditions permitting the privilege of trailer visits, in which the inmate can be with the family member for 1 or 2 days are noted. Also mentioned are Prison Families Anonymous, Inc., advice about telephone calls, and a description of the work of the board of parole. 14 pages of appended materials.


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