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Instructor's Manual for Identifying Drug Abusers: Project NEADA

NCJ Number
Bonnie McRee B.A.; Thomas F. Babor Ph.D.; Olga M. Church Ph.D.
Date Published
54 pages
This videotape and accompanying instructor’s manual teaches drug screening and identification techniques through Project NEADA (Nursing Education in Alcohol and Drug Abuse).
This videotape and instructor’s manual, sponsored by the National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, guides its user in conducting drug screening and identification. Entitled “Identifying Drug Abusers,” the 37-minute videotape is broken into four segments. Each segment is a case study in which a client is interviewed by counselors, an emergency room physician, and a Planned Parenthood worker in order to identify potential drug use and abuse. The case studies provided on the videotape are designed to aid the tape’s viewer in using selected items from the POSIT (Problem Oriented Screening Instrument for Teenagers) and the DAST (Drug Abuse Screening Test). In the first case study, the client is a 15-year old adolescent male interviewed by a youth services counselor for repeated drug-related problems in school. In the second case study, the interviewee is a 35-year old registered nurse who is in trouble for taking patients’ medications. She is interviewed by an employee assistance program counselor. The third case study portrays a male cocaine user admitted to an emergency room, complaining of chest pains. He is interviewed by a hospital physician and substance abuse counselor. The last case study presents a pregnant female crack-user at Planned Parenthood, seeking prenatal care, services, and counseling. She is interviewed by a Planned Parenthood worker. Divided into several sections, the accompanying instructor’s manual provides an overview of drug abuser screening procedures, descriptions of each of the videotape’s case studies, and offers lecture material, reading guides, learner activity sheets, and class discussion opportunities for instructors and learners. Thorough instructions on how to use each case study presented in the videotape as separate modules or all together is provided in the instructor’s manual. Completing the instructor’s manual is an appendix providing an example of the POSIT and DAST questionnaires used in determining drug use and abuse.


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