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Inter: International Terrorism in 1987

NCJ Number
A Merari; A Kurz; M Burgin; S Kotzer; Y Kozak; T Prat; D Tal; Y Treiber; O ZilkaYariv A
A Yariv
Date Published
140 pages
Six presentations contain statistical data on various aspects of international terrorism and brief analyses that address foreign hostages in Lebanon, Palestinian terrorism in 1987, international terrorism against civil aviation targets, and a chronology of significant international terrorist events in 1987.
Data on the main features of international terrorism in 1987 pertain to the number of incidents, tactics, geographic distribution, the aims of terrorist attacks, targets, the victims, the perpetrators, State terrorism versus independent groups, and the perpetrators' fate. The review of Palestinian international terrorism in 1987 provides an overview of the incidents, 1987 terrorist activity of the mainstream Palestine Liberation Organization, 1987 international terrorist activity by Abu Nidal's Fatah Revolutionary Council, and the impact of counteractivities against Palestinian State-sponsored terrorism. Information on foreign hostages in Lebanon covers the features of the kidnapping organizations; victims, captivity conditions, and hostages' fate; an overview of significant kidnappings; terrorist organizations' demands; and victim states' policies. 22 tables, glossary of terrorist organizations.