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Interoperable Communications for Planned Events

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28 pages
This guide provides a framework for interoperability for the emergency response community during events.
This guide provides plans for emergency response officials responsible for designing and executing interoperable communications for planned events, such as festivals, concerts, and sporting events. Communications interoperability refers to the ability of emergency responders to communicate on demand, in real time, when needed and as authorized, resulting in an effective shared understanding and situational awareness among the responders and the command structure. A planned event is a way for personnel to test equipment in real-life situations as well as learn, practice, and implement interoperability solutions to better prepare for unplanned future events. Sections discuss: the interoperability continuum; interoperable communications process for an event; the four steps of formulating a plan for the event; implementing the plan during the event; and reviewing and analyzing the lessons learned, best practices, successes, gaps, and issues documented during the event to share with the participating agencies post-event. 5 figures