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Intimate Partner Abuse of Older Men: Considerations for the Assessment of Risk

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Journal of Elder Abuse and Neglect Volume: 19 Issue: 1/2 Dated: 2007 Pages: 7-27
Kim A. Reeves M.A.; Sarah L. Desmarais M.A.; Tonia L. Nicholls Ph.D.; Kevin S. Douglas LLB, Ph.D.
Date Published
21 pages
Considerations are presented for the assessment of risk for intimate partner abuse perpetrated against older men.
In summary, research on issues in intimate partner abuse in older persons and female perpetrators is lagging behind the needs of clinical practice. The perpetration of the gender bias across age groups is hindering the progress of assessment and intervention strategies, and therefore not providing needed services for older men who are victims of intimate partner abuse. Previous research shows that although older adults are less likely to be the victims of violent crimes relative to other demographic groups, many are at risk to be victimized by their family, friends, and caretakers through elder abuse. Increasingly risk assessment instruments which have been used with female victims in the general populations, may have an important role to play in the prevention and management of intimate partner abuse among older persons, specifically older men. This paper introduces intimate partner abuse among older adults generally and then specifically for older men, with reference to the prevalent “gendered” view of intimate partner abuse. Potential victim and perpetrator risk factors specific to this context are discussed and existing risk assessment tools are introduced. References