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Introduction to Criminal Justice 3rd Edition

NCJ Number
Robert M. Bohm; Keith N. Haley
Date Published
608 pages
This textbook is designed to introduce students to the basic principles of criminal justice.
The textbook is an introductory level text and employs an integrated learning system. Fourteen chapters are divided into six sections. Each chapter contains a concept preview, which informs the student about the main learning objectives of the chapter. Each chapter then offers a concept development section, which is the main text of the chapter, broken up into easy to understand segments separated by descriptive topic headings. The concept reinforcement section of each chapter reiterates the main points of the chapter. Finally, the concept review and application section of each chapter offers a summary of the chapter as well as activities and exercises designed to encourage students to apply the knowledge learned from each chapter. An interesting feature of this text is that each chapter includes a section about careers in criminal justice. Part one of the text introduces the students to the foundations of our criminal justice system. Chapters include Crime and Justice in the United States; Crime and its Consequences; Explaining Crime; and The Rule of Law. Section two is about law enforcement and has chapters entitled History and Structure of American Law Enforcement; Policing Roles, Styles, and Functions; and Policing America: Issues and Ethics. Section three is about the courts and includes chapters on The Administration of Justice and Sentencing, Appeals, and the Death Penalty. Section four is about corrections and contains chapters entitled Institutional Corrections; Prison Life, Inmate Rights, Release, and Recidivism; and Community Corrections. Section five contains a chapter entitled Juvenile Justice. Finally, section six concerns the future of criminal justice in America and has a chapter entitled Understanding and Predicting the Future of Criminal Justice. Every chapter also contains suggestions for further readings on the topics. Glossary, index