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Introduction to Criminology: Theories, Methods, and Criminal Behavior, Third Edition

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F E Hagan
Date Published
636 pages
This criminology overview text avoids the overly legal and crime control orientation of many recent texts and focuses on scientific research in criminology, crime and deviance, social change and the emergence of law, consensus versus conflict, and criminal law.
The first chapter begins with a general introduction to the study of criminology, while the second chapter examines research methods used to study crime and criminals. Subsequent chapters cover general characteristics of crime and criminals and criminological theory. Specific attention is paid to violent, property, professional, occupational, organizational-corporate, political, organized, and public order crimes. The text also looks at crime costs, police statistics and uniform crime reporting, victim surveys, crime rate variations, gender differences in criminality, the link between social class and crime, urban-rural differences in crime, and criminal typologies. The future of crime is discussed in terms of crime prevention initiatives, the drug war, and criminal justice and crime control policies. An overview of the criminal justice system is appended. References, tables, figures, and photographs