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IQ, Handedness, and Pedophilia in Adult Male Patients Stratified by Referral Source

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Sexual Abuse: A Journal of Research and Treatment Volume: 19 Issue: 3 Dated: September 2007 Pages: 285-309
Ray Blanchard; Nathan J. Kolla; James M. Cantor; Philip E. Klassen; Robert Dickey; Michael E. Kuban; Thomas Blak
Date Published
September 2007
25 pages
This study examined whether the previously observed link between pedophilia (sexual attraction to children) and lower intelligence quotient (IQ) was overestimated or underestimated due to systematic differences in the sources of referrals for pedophiles compared with referral sources for sex offenders sexually attracted to adolescents or adults (teleiophilia).
The study provided no evidence that the previously observed relationship between pedophilia and lower IQ was due to selective bias in referrals. The relationship between pedophilia and lower IQ, lesser education, and increased rates of left-handedness were the same in homogeneous groups referred by lawyers or parole and probation officers as in a heterogeneous group referred by a variety of other sources. Neither was there evidence that the relationship between pedophilia and lower intelligence was biased because intelligent pedophiles fake teleiophilia in assessments. The analysis of phallometric measurements (measure of changes in penile blood flow as an indicator of sexual response to various sexual images and/or narratives) found no correlation between IQ and the suppression of penile responding, which probably means there is no correlation between IQ and attempting to manipulate the outcome of the phallometric test. The subjects were 832 adult male patients referred to a specialty clinic for evaluation of their sexual behavior. The patients' erotic preferences for prepubescent, pubescent, or adult partners were assessed with phallometric testing. Full-scale IQ was estimated by using six subtests from the Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale-Revised. 6 tables, 10 figures, and 57 references