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Issues to Consider When Facilitating Groups with Battered Women in Jail or Prison

NCJ Number
Andrea Bible
Date Published
March 2011
59 pages
This publication is a resource for those who work with incarcerated battered women.
This resource is for advocates in community-based anti-domestic violence organizations who are starting a group for battered women incarcerated in jail, State prison, or Federal prison, and for advocates already facilitating groups in these setting. Information is provided as a guide for answering questions and concerns, such as: how to seek permission from the jail or prison administration to start meetings with incarcerated women; how to present jail and prison officials with information about the goal, purpose, and format of the group; and general information about how best to work with jail or prison staff. Further, this resource highlights some of the ways that facilitating groups with incarcerated women is different from working with survivors who are not incarcerated, such as group topics that may be different, or unique concerns that require a different advocacy approach. Also, included is a general overview of issues affecting incarcerated women that may be helpful to know as a program is developed and implemented. The issues and topics explored have emerged from a review of writings by group facilitators, sample curricula, and academic research; conversations with group facilitators; and work with incarcerated women over the years. While many of the issues highlighted in this resource focus on working with women in State prisons, much of this information also is relevant to and important for advocates facilitating groups in jails and possibly even for those working with incarcerated women in ways other than facilitating groups. References