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It Ain't Love (Spanish)

NCJ Number
Date Published
January 1998
0 pages
This video and its accompanying educational materials are designed to reduce violence among dating teenagers.
The video is a documentary that revolves around the work of "FACES," a Brooklyn-based group of youth who explore their own experiences in abusive relationships by creating improvisation- based theater pieces. Given 3 months to create a show about abusive relationships, the members of "FACES" begin by exploring their own lives, re-enacting the violence they have experienced and inflicted. The members gain a growing understanding of abuse, out of which they produce a powerful drama. The video and its associated discussion and activity guide are intended to increase youths' awareness of violence in dating relationships, as well as how violence and abusive control are inappropriate in positive, healthy relationships. The viewing group is instructed in the early warning signs of potentially abusive relationships and how they can avoid such relationships or terminate them. The guidelines and activities can increase mutual respect and decrease violence in relationships. The guide that accompanies the video contains pre-viewing questions for the group, along with suggestions for post-viewing discussion and activities. The five suggested activities focus on the characteristics of a loving relationship, images of love and relationships in the media, the maintenance of a loving relationships, why relationships turn violent, and having healthy relationships. 15 suggested resources