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Jackson County Circuit Court, Oregon Judicial Department "Treatment Courts"

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This copy of a Web page describes Jackson County's Treatment Court programs in Oregon.
These programs are designed to coordinate services and interventions intended to rehabilitate court-involved families and individuals. Specifically, the programs focus on providing services that will enable individuals addicted to drugs and alcohol to break their addiction and its impact on their lives. The programs operate under the jurisdiction of the Jackson County Circuit Court. Jackson County's Treatment Courts have adopted the key component of the drug court model, using interventions that reflect best practices as determined by research. Those under the supervision of a treatment court can expect to be involved with the court for a minimum of 12 months. They can expect to be monitored by the same judge each time they appear before the court to assess their progress. Team members make recommendations to the judge regarding how best to motivate, treat, and promote program participants. Court involvement tends to motivate individuals to comply with treatment plans in order to avoid court sanctions. In addition to addiction, participants in the treatment courts often must deal with issues of poverty, domestic violence, limited parenting skills, low education levels, transportation, mental health, illness or disability, housing issues, and under/unemployment. All participants who choose a treatment court's program will work with the court team to develop family/individual plans that are individualized and matched to their particular needs and issues.