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Judicial Administration of Criminal Justice in Virginia - A Comparative Analysis

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K R Redden; D Fowler
Date Published
Findings are reported from an analysis of existing criminal court practices and procedures in Virginia, in order to compare these with recommendations made by the National Advisory Commission on Criminal Justice of the American Bar Association.
This report responds in detail to each standard issued by the National Advisory Commission according to the following format: introductory statement, text of national standard, Virginia status, cross-reference to American Bar Association standard and William and Mary Report, and cross-reference to other State and national studies' footnotes, references, and bibliography. The standards considered deal with screening, diversion, the negotiated plea, the litigated case, sentencing, review of the trial court proceedings, the judiciary, the lower courts, court administration, court-community relations, the prosecution, the defense, juvenile, and mass disorders. Two reports similar to this one are being separately prepared on the subjects of police and corrections. The interrelationship of the reports is presented in the appended master cross-reference chart. Also appended are a list of those interviewed, resource sources, and tables comparing Va. code 18.1 with revised code 18.2 and Va. code 19.1 with revised code 19.2.