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Judicial Conduct and Ethics, Third Edition

NCJ Number
Jeffrey M. Shaman; Steven Lubet; James J. Alfini
Date Published
709 pages
This text describes, analyzes, and critiques the existing law of judicial conduct and ethics.
Within the past 35 years, the field of judicial conduct and ethics has undergone tremendous change with virtually every State and Federal jurisdiction adopting new standards of judicial behavior. In addition, all 50 States and the District of Columbia have created permanent commissions with the authority to regulate judicial conduct, while Congress passed legislation empowering the judicial councils in each circuit to oversee the behavior of Federal judges. The first chapter of the book focuses on the role of the judiciary and the Code of Judicial Conduct. Chapter Two discusses the use and abuse of judicial power. Further chapters cover the demeanor, impartiality, and competence of judges; disqualification and conflict of interest; ex parte communications; and case management and administrative imperatives. Personal matters such as the finances, financial disclosure, and civic and charitable activities of judges are covered, as well as personal conduct, speech, and association. The election, political activities, appointment, and confirmation of judges are discussed. And finally, regulatory organization and procedure, civil and criminal liability, and disability and retirement are also discussed at length. Appendices