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Just Science Podcast: Just Embracing Imperfection in Forensic Science

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Jody Wolf; Tim Scanlan; Mikalaa Martin
Date Published
June 2023

This podcast episode includes guests that discuss Human Factors Research in the context of resilient leadership in forensic science.


In episode 3 of Just Science Podcast’s Resilient Leadership mini season, host Ben Swanholm has a conversation with with Jody Wolf, Crime Lab Administrator for the Phoenix Police Department; Tim Scanlan, President of Forensic Analysis, Consulting, and Training, LLC; and Mikalaa Martin, Forensic Scientist at RTI International to highlight the impact of human factors on forensic DNA interpretation. The podcasters go into details about Human Factors Research, which is a discipline that examines concepts such as undue influence, employee wellness, and human error, which impact the decision that forensic practitioners make on a daily basis. They also discuss the importance of creating a positive error working culture, and how leaders can cultivate an environment of trust and accountability.