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Justice and Mental Health Collaboration Program Implementation Science Checklist Series - Step 1: Initiate or Strengthen Stakeholder Collaboration

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Date Published
March 2021

This checklist on stakeholder collaboration is the first in a series of eight checklists for developing an evidence-based criminal justice and mental health collaboration program.


The “interagency workgroup” referenced in this checklist is the larger group of people in a county that has a vested interest in a particular evidence-based program (EBP), such as a criminal justice and behavioral health council or advisory council. This is the work group that oversees implementation of an EBP. The “implementation team” designs and develops the initiative. The implementation team solves problems during each step of implementation and ensures that challenges are addressed. This checklist for initiating or strengthening stakeholder collaboration has five components. One component is identifying or convening the interagency workgroup of criminal justice and behavioral health stakeholders from leadership levels of agencies in the jurisdiction. A second component of the checklist is obtaining leadership committed to implementing EBPs. The third component of the checklist is the identification or convening of the implementation team composed of people from criminal justice and behavioral health agencies who have decision-making authority and experience in implementing EBPs. The fourth component of the checklist is to designate a project coordinator who works across agencies in managing the planning and implementation process. The fifth component of the checklist is the establishment of action steps for the implementation team. For each of the components of this checklist, steps are suggested for implementing the component. 4 annotated resource listings