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Justice-Involved Health Information: Policy and Practice Advances in Connecticut

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Robert L. Trestman, Ph.D., M.D.; Rob H. Aseltine, Jr., Ph.D.
Date Published
11 pages
This report describes three initiatives in Connecticut that facilitate the sharing of offender health information among corrections and community healthcare providers, so as to ensure the continuity of healthcare after release from confinement.
The three initiatives involve an interagency release-of-information (ROI) document and process, a voucher program that provides discharge medications at the time of release, and a statewide research-oriented health information network. Regarding the ROI-document initiative, advisory groups recommended the development of an interagency memorandum of agreement (MOA) that lists the necessary elements for a legitimate ROI acceptable to all participating agencies. Stakeholder agencies subsequently entered into an agreement to accept each other's ROI form for the purpose of sharing substance abuse, mental health, and primary healthcare clinical information. The MOA specified the requirements for each party's ROI form. The minimal requirements for each form are listed in this report. This process became effective on May 1, 2011. The second initiative is the Medicaid Prescription Voucher program. Under this program, a voucher is issued to individuals being released who need prescription medications ordered by correctional health staff. The voucher guarantees payment by the Department of Social Services (the agency responsible for managing Medicaid) for up to a 30-day supply of prescription medications. Instructions are included on the form for staff, patient, and the community pharmacy. The voucher is valid for only 5 days after the authorization date, so as to encourage compliance and to ensure the medication adherence is maintained. The third initiative, the Connecticut Health Information Network (CHIN), is a federated network that enables the integration and sharing of diverse data for State-level policy purposes. CHIN provides access to appropriate health, human service, and education information across State agency databases for agency personnel, policymakers, researchers, and government officials. 28 notes and 1 figure