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Justice Reinvestment Initiative at the Local Level: Getting to Know Delaware County, Ohio

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Date Published
June 2016
4 pages

This report outlines the features and achievements of Phases I and II of Delaware County's (Ohio) Juvenile Reinvestment Initiative (JRI), which is focusing on engaging key county stakeholders in a strategic planning process intended to incorporate evidence-based practices into the county's justice system.


Delaware County was selected to participate in the JRI initiative in January 2012. The overall goal of the technical assistance provided under the JRI is to improve the cost-effectiveness of the county's criminal justice system. The JRI mission statement is to 1) understand and appreciate the current operation of the criminal justice process; 2) develop, review, and analyze key criminal justice data and information; 3) identify and prioritize critical areas of focus; and 4) engage in evidence-based approaches. A Phase I review of costs and jail population drivers led the JRI team to develop a Phase II strategy that focuses on developing specific responses to these significant issues: 1) reducing the number of probation violations each year through evidence-based strategies; 2) reducing the length of time that lower level felony cases take to reach a disposition; and 3) develop and implement a DUI court. It is anticipated that the JRI team will continue to monitor outcomes associated with the actions taken and determine steps for resolving issues and making progress toward goals.