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Juvenile Victims of Violent Crime in Alabama 2009

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This report presents data on the demographic characteristics of juvenile victims of violent crime in Alabama for 2009, along with data on the offenses and the victim's relationship with the offender.
Of the 20,167 offenses reported in Alabama in 2009, 11 percent of the victims were juveniles (n=2,284). There were 11 juvenile homicide victims, 640 juvenile rape victims, 310 juvenile robbery victims, and 1,323 juvenile victims of aggravated assault. There were 8,540 juvenile victims of simple assault, which composed 10 percent of all victims of simple assaults reported in 2009. Forty-seven percent of the victims were males, and 53 percent were females. Fifty-three percent of the victims were Black, and 47 percent were White. A firearm was used in 19 percent of the offenses, with hands, fists, or feet used as a weapon in 57 percent of the offenses; a knife was used in 6 percent of the cases, and other dangerous weapons were used in 18 percent of the violent offenses. Thirty-five percent of the victims suffered injuries: 14 percent with a firearm; 8 percent with a knife; 55 percent with fists, feet, or hands; and 23 percent with other dangerous weapons. Seventy-two percent of the victims were acquainted with or related to the offenders; 7 percent of the offenders were strangers; and in 21 percent of the offenses the offender was unknown. In 26 percent of the offenses, the offender was also a juvenile. Fifty-seven percent of the offenses occurred at a residence; 14 percent occurred in a street or alley; 9 percent occurred at a school; 5 percent occurred in a parking lot; and 15 percent occurred in other locations. The number, weapons, injuries, victim-offender relationship, and location of the offense are also reported separately for aggravated assault, simple assault, homicide, robbery, and rape. Extensive figures