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Juvenile Waivers to Adult Proceedings

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This audio cassette contains three presentations from the Annual Conference on Criminal Justice Research & Evaluation, July 11, 1995.
The first presentation reviews the use of juvenile waivers. These waivers can be either legislative, judicial, or prosecutorial, and are part of recent "get tough" policies with regard to juvenile proceedings. The presentation includes discussion of conditions under which waiver can occur and criticisms of the discretionary nature of waiver. More minorities, especially blacks, are being waived. However, this may be the result of more blacks being apprehended, not racial bias in sentencing. Waivers do not appear to have a deterrent effect, although that finding is debatable. The presentation recommends that waiver should be reserved for the most serious juvenile offenders. The second presentation discusses the use of juvenile records in criminal court proceedings, including arguments for and against the process. Although juvenile records appear to have a limited effect on adult sentencing, records on disposition of juvenile records are sparse, incomplete and frequently contradictory. The presentation also reviews State laws and statutes, sentencing guidelines and sentencing disparities. The third presentation discusses in detail judicial waiver, automatic waiver and waiver by exclusion, including the race effect, with examples and statistics from New York State's experience.


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