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K9 Tactical Attic Insertions

NCJ Number
Law and Order Volume: 56 Issue: 12 Dated: December 2008 Pages: 47-50
Shane Allen
Date Published
December 2008
4 pages
This article describes a successful K9 tactical attic insertion method.
After failing at a scenario-based competition (SWAT and K9 Interacting During Deployment School (SKIDDS) Challenge) which entailed putting a K9 dog into an attic to search for and apprehend a suspect, the K9 and his handler set out to find a better way to approach the problem. The resolution was to put a ballistic shield, face down, on the ground and place the dog in a “down” on the inside of the ballistic shield. Two SWAT operators would then pick the shield up and get underneath it. While the dog is lying on the shield, the SWAT operators walk under the attic opening. The ballistic shield is lifted up toward the attic opening; once there, the dog is able to safely enter the attic and conduct the search upon command, the K9 tactical attic insertion is complete. The K9 attic insertion is outlined and explained by the handler for K9 training purposes.