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Keeping the Nation's Secrets - A Report to the Secretary of Defense By the Commission to Review DOD Security Policies and Practices

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118 pages
A commission established by the U.S. Secretary of Defense in June 1985 to review the U.S. Defense Department's security policies and practices regarding classified information recommended several measures to improve security.
The Department's security program has been reasonably effective, but some losses have been serious. The program currently does not assure the degree of security that it should. Sufficient technical means are not available to securely process, transmit, and store classified information in electronic form. Even greater needs are to prevent human errors both of commission and omission and to identify and deal effectively with transgressors. The recommendations focus on ensuring access to information only by trustworthy people and on detecting and punishing those who violate the rules. They include methods of reducing and controlling requests for security clearance, improving the quality and frequency of background investigations, devoting more resources to securing the most sensitive information, and improving the training of security personnel. Additional recommendations, an analysis of current procedures and responses to threats, cost implications of recommendations, and appended lists of sources of study information.