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Kentucky Corrections Cabinet in Review

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A review of the budget, personnel, population, and industries of the Kentucky Corrections Cabinet for 1989 to 1990 is provided.
The Corrections Cabinet's total budget was $167,000,000 or 4 percent of the total State budget. The staff complement was 2,855. Over 5,000 individuals were trained at an average cost of $145 per person. The 1990 General Assembly passed a comprehensive corrections bill that dealt with issues such as alternative sentencing, provision of good time for academic achievement, and release of inmates on the first day of the month of their schedules release. On December 31, 1990, there were 8,544 men and 479 women incarcerated in the State's correctional institutions, community treatment centers, and in controlled intake in the local jails. The average cost to incarcerate an inmate was 35.35 per day, or $12,901 per year. This represents a 3.9-percent increase over fiscal year 1988-1989. Correctional Industries is a self-supporting division and employs over 400 inmates in 7 institutions.