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Kids Law: A Practical Guide to Juvenile Justice, Teacher's Manual

NCJ Number
Debra Cunningham; John W. Biggers
Date Published
60 pages
This teacher’s manual accompanies the text, “Kids Law: A Practical Guide to Juvenile Justice” and offers suggestions for lesson plans for middle and high school students.
The teacher’s manual and corresponding text offer a practice guide to the juvenile justice system for parents, friends, and professionals who work with young people. The author of the text explores juvenile justice from both the criminal law and the civil law perspectives. Part 1 of the text and the teacher’s manual explore the criminal law as it pertains to juveniles. Three chapters explore definitions of criminal laws, the basic rights of juveniles, and the rights and laws pertaining to emancipation. Part 2 examines civil law, including divorce, custody, education, and employment issues. The three chapters in this part explore juvenile’s rights in terms of security and support, as well as other issues involving family law. Part 3 explores the challenges facing the juvenile justice system. The policies, procedures, and overarching ideology of the juvenile justice system are called into question as the author explores emerging issues facing the future of justice in the United States. Lesson objectives, discussion questions, assessment opportunities, and lesson plans are offered to accompany each chapter in the text. The lessons are designed to fit into traditional 50 to 55 minute classroom periods and are intended for use with middle and high school students. Optional activities and online research ideas are presented and exam questions pertaining to each chapter are offered. Exam questions include true/false, short answer, multiple choice, matching, and essay formats. Attachments