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Law and Order, Volume 60, Issue 11, November 2012

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Law and Order Volume: 60 Issue: 11 Dated: November 2012 Pages: 1-68
Jennifer Gavigan
Date Published
November 2012
68 pages
This issue of Law and Order features four articles which highlight state-of-the-art police agencies.
Feature articles include: 1) Skokie Police: Gold Certification Facility discusses how the new Skokie Police facility meets Gold Certification standards from the U.S. Green Building Council's LEED program; 2) Command Center Design & Planning examines designing a new command center or upgrading an existing one means considering the center's essential functions, systems programming and integration , use-of-space planning, ergonomic design factors, and more; 3) Special Report: MSP Tests 2013 Police Vehicles discusses The Michigan State Police tests pursuit-capable patrol vehicle on acceleration to 100 mph, absolute top speed road-racing lap times, and more; and 4) Lakemoor: Save From Extinction examines the new state-of-the-art facility of the Lakemoor, Illinois Police Department. There are 4 articles about cell phones and investigations: 1) Cell Phone Analysis, Part 1 discusses the wealth of forensic information that can be used for both live and historical tracking; 2) Cellebrite UFED Ultimate examines the handheld data analyzers that can extract current and deleted data from all smartphones; 3) The 6th Circuit Decides Cell Phone Case discusses the United States v. Jones, the Global Positioning System tracking device case; and 4) Mophie Juice Pack PRO examines the auxiliary battery back for smartphones during natural or man-made disasters. Six regular departments include: On the Job, Eye on Education, Discipline, Mission Critical Systems, Police Equipment News, and Product Spotlight.