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Law and Order, Volume 60, Issue 3, March 2012

NCJ Number
Law and Order Volume: 60 Issue: 3 Dated: March 2012 Pages: 1-68
Ed Sanow
Date Published
March 2012
68 pages
This issue contains articles regarding police management.
This issue features eight articles: 1) Meggitt Firearms Training System describes software that offers realistic firearms scenarios and training for officers; 2) Female Fitness for Duty: Should We Train Differently examines female officer fitness and smarter physical training methods to enable female officers advantages in confrontations against criminals; 3) ALS Less-Lethal Launchers and Munitions provides information on two new 37mm and 40mm single shot launchers; 4) Def-Tec 40mm Reloadable Training Round discusses the Def-Tec Training Rounds as a low cost solution to train and qualify officers; 5) What's New in Body Armor, Ballistic Shields & Armor Accessories provides a look at the newest body armor, ballistic shields and armor accessories to protect the men and women sworn to serve and protect; 6) Liars 101: Don't Let Them Lie to You provides a guide to quickly recognize when the subject of an investigation lies; 7) Handling Denials: From Deflection to Confession discusses a few simple ways to quickly detect when a suspect is lying; and 8) Polygraph-Aided Investigations examines the proper techniques to help focus an investigation. There are also seven departments: On the Job; News; Eye on Education; Just Handed Down; Police Equipment News; Advertiser Index; and Product Spotlight.