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Law and Order, Volume 61, Issue 4, April 2013

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Law and Order Volume: 4 Issue: 61 Dated: April 2013 Pages: 1-64
Jennifer Gavigan
Date Published
April 2013
64 pages
This issue contains five "Focus" articles on police emergency response and operations, two "Special Report" articles on uniforms and apparel, a "Feature" article on a vehicle anti-theft system, and an "Up-Close" article on fleet management software, along with eight articles from the magazine's "Departments."
The five "Focus" articles on emergency response and operations address the management of interoperable communications; emergency "callworks" and enhanced 9-1-1; emergency-response mobile applications; the benefits of the recent FCC announcement on "text to 9-1-1;" and low-cost data communication. The three articles on "Uniforms & Apparel" address "The Latest in Women's Police Gear," "TRU-SPEC Signature Gunny Line," and "5.11 Tactical Stryke Pant Flex-Tac." The "Feature" article "Safestop Vehicle Anti-Theft System" profiles Pro-gard's Safestop Vehicle Anti-Theft System, which can prevent theft of a running, unattended vehicle. The "Up-Close" article on "Fleet Management Software" describes the features of the following software: AssetWorks FleetFocus, Chevin Fleet-Wave, and FASTER Asset Solutions. The eight articles of the magazine's "Departments" include "Fusion Centers: Good Idea? Bad Idea?" argues that Federal and State intelligence fusion centers require adequate funding and technical support if they are to continue benefiting law-enforcement information sharing. "Disciplining Your Former Peers" advises newly promoted police managers on an early approach for conversing with "former peers" about how the promotion will change their former working relationships. "ATK Wound Ballistics Workshop" develops the argument that bullet selection is more important than caliber selection. "Supreme Court Review and Update" summarizes police-related Court decisions for 2012 and early 2013. "Intelligent Policing" explains how New World Systems' software assists police agencies in predicting instead of reacting to crimes. "5.11 Tactical Women's Go Pants" describes pants designed to fit a women's body instead of a man's. Two other articles address aspects of fleet management and police products.