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Law Enforcement Body Armor: Status of DOJ's Efforts to Address GAO Recommendations

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Date Published
May 2014
7 pages
This document is a letter from the U.S. Government Accountability Office regarding U.S. Department of Justice efforts to improve law enforcement body armor.
This letter from the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) to Senator Charles Grassley presents information on the status of the Department of Justices' (DOJ) efforts to address GAO's recommendations regarding law enforcement body armor. In February 2012, the GAO issued a report on the body armor efforts currently undertaken by DOJ, the extent to which DOJ had designed controls to manage and coordinate these efforts, and the factors that had affected body armor's use and effectiveness and the steps taken by DOJ to address these issues. That report included the following five recommendations to DOJ: 1) de-obligate undisbursed funds from grants whose terms had ended; 2) expand information available to grantees on documentation retention requirements; 3) ensure consistency in BJA (Bureau of Justice Assistance) grant program body armor requirements; 4) document pertinent monitoring procedures; and 5) track JAG grantees' stab-resistant body armor purchases. This letter to Senator Grassley describes the actions undertaken by DOJ to address the recommendations from the 2012 GAO report.