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Lewis Machine & Tool: Monolithic Rail Platform

NCJ Number
Police: The Law Enforcement Magazine Volume: 30 Issue: 1 Dated: January 2006 Pages: 64-67
Mike Detty
Date Published
January 2006
4 pages
This article describes the Monolithic Rail Platform (MRP) rifle developed by Lewis Machine & Tool Company.
Following an evaluation of the MRP, the author comments that the MRP is easy to shoot and indeed overcomes the problems associated with other rifles. One other tester was most impressed with the MRP’s scope and its glowing amber aiming point. Designed to overcome many of the problems common to the AR-15/M-16 family of rifles, this weapon is sure to become a favorite among SWAT officers. Details of the construction of the MRP and how it works are offered. Innovative features include a one-piece receiver/handguard system and quick barrel-change capability. Another important feature of the MRP allows users to change barrel lengths quickly as well as to switch caliber. The rifle was originally designed to withstand serious abuse while maintaining its point-of-impact and point-of-aim. In addition to solving the heat problems that would routinely change the point-of-impact of other rifles, the Lewis Machine & Tool Company also designed an enhanced bolt carrier system that is available for the MRP. The numerous options and configurations of the MRP make it impossible to quote a price. Contact information for Lewis Machine & Tool Company is offered. Exhibits