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Livermore Security Console System (From Carnahan Conference on Security Technology, P 1-5, 1987, John S. Jackson and R. William De Vore, eds. -- see NCJ-118105)

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J C Smart
Date Published
5 pages
This paper discusses the Livermore Security Console system currently being developed at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.
The Console system consists of multiple, redundant workstations that enable operators to monitor alarms, assess events, and dispatch field personnel. Each workstation is heavily computerized and incorporates automatic video switching and recording, integrated radio and telephone communications, and an advanced high-resolution map and incident-display system. Workstation operations are closely integrated with the map display system. This allows an operator to pan and zoom into laboratory buildings and surrounding areas. Color coded overlays are used to indicate objects of security interests. Access to the system's sensor information, entry control device status, and closed circuit television is obtained by zooming into the area and manually selecting the appropriate icons on the maps. Control menus are overlaid on the map with several large databases integrated with the map display system. This provides access to information such as telephone numbers and building or room occupants. Incidents' relative priorities are determined and then overlaid on the map to pinpoint the problem locations. This expert system is currently being integrated with the map display system to improve incident analysis and emergency situation assessment. 5 figures, 1 reference (Author abstract modified)