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American Jails Volume: 10 Issue: 1 Dated: March/April 1996 Pages: 69-73
J Connors
Date Published
5 pages
The Oklahoma Criminal Justice Resource Center offers a software program (LOCKDOWN) to sheriffs and police departments that will help them manage their jails, is easy to use, enables them to run their jails more efficiently, can be modified to meet their specific needs, and costs them nothing.
LOCKDOWN is designed to manage small to medium-sized jails. One module within the LOCKDOWN system makes it possible for a jail to generate an invoice that details the names of inmates, how long they were held, the rate per day, and the total amount owed to an agency. It also keeps track of inmates with a person ID number and a booking number. Other features of the software are automatic outdate calculation for inmates serving sentences, medical screening, classification questionnaire to assist in segregating inmates, cash transaction log to keep track of inmate monies, visitor/phone log, shift remarks log, various system- generated reports, and a modification module that allows inmate information to be edited. LOCKDOWN was developed by SEARCH Group, Inc., under a Federal grant, which makes it a public domain software. After purchasing the software and manuals for $595, the purchaser may copy and distribute the software without paying any additional charges. This article describes how the Oklahoma Criminal Justice Resource Center obtained funding for the software and publicized its features and availability to local jail administrators, as well as how the jail administrators have responded.