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From Locked Up to Locked Out: Creating and Implementing Post-Release Housing for Ex-Prisoners

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Kristina Hals
Rachel Moorhead
Date Published
210 pages
Based on the first-hand experiences of individuals released from prison with no place to live, this book provides guidance and examples for those interested in providing homes for ex-prisoners.
The first section explains why there is a crisis in postrelease housing for ex-inmates. Due to a lack of relevant programming in prison to prepare ex-inmates for life after release, inadequate prerelease planning and postrelease services, and the poverty that often accompanies ex-inmates after release, ex-inmates frequently become homeless after release. This circumstance, among others, increases the likelihood they will reoffend. The second section of the book goes into more detail about how the criminal justice system, particularly the prison culture, increases the likelihood that ex-inmates will be ill-equipped to afford housing upon release. The third section focuses on the illnesses and emotional disorders that commonly afflict ex-inmates and the implications of their health status for finding appropriate housing. The fourth section describes what correctional institutions must do to help mitigate the housing crisis for ex-inmates, ways to fund new housing for ex-inmates, and how to resolve neighborhood opposition and other impediments to providing housing for ex-inmates. The fifth section contains concepts and strategies that can be used by those responsible for placing ex-inmates in housing. The book concludes with suggestions for changing systemic patterns in communities that ignore or contribute to homelessness among ex-inmates. Indexes of model programs, resources, and strategies for ex-prisoner housing mentioned in the book