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Loosening the Grip: A Handbook of Alcohol Information, Sixth Edition

NCJ Number
Jean Kinney MSW
Date Published
576 pages
This manual discusses the physical and psychological effects of alcohol as well as treatment options and family concerns.
The volume provides broad coverage in terms of age groups, social institutions, and counseling options. It also synthesizes relevant information from medicine, psychology, psychiatry, anthropology, sociology and counseling that applies to alcohol use and alcoholism treatment. In addition, the book discusses special concerns such as adolescent alcohol use, suicide, psychiatric illnesses, and polysubstance abuse. It is presented in 12 major sections: (1) An Overview of the History and Use of Alcohol (2) Alcohol and the Body; (3) Medical Complications; (4) Alcohol Dependence; (5) Etiology of Alcohol Dependence; (6) The behavior of Dependence; (7) Effects of Alcohol Problems on the Family; (8) Evaluation and Treatment Overview; (9) Treatment Techniques and Approaches; (10) Special Populations; (11) Other Psychiatric Considerations; and (12) Odds ‘n Ends. Tables, references, bibliographies, appendixes, index