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Los Angeles County Jail System

NCJ Number
American Jails Volume: 2 Issue: 1 Dated: (Spring 1988) Pages: 64,66,68
L Waldie
Date Published
3 pages
The Los Angeles County, Calif., jail system consists of 9 facilities with a rated capacity of 12,512 inmates. The average daily inmate population in 1987 was 21,509, 62 percent over capacity.
To deal with the overcrowding problem, a variety of cooperative programs and procedures were developed. These include a night court program, accelerated probation and sentencing reporting, accelerated superior court arraignments, centralized traffic arraignments, an own-recognizance program for misdemeanants, video arraignments, and use of civil courtrooms for criminal matters. In addition to dealing with policy issues designed to remove offenders from custody, the Sheriff's Department addressed issues related to long-term planning for new construction. Bond monies were used to construct an honor ranch for women and a 2,100-bed men's facility. Additional funds were generated for renovation and for construction of two regional justice centers housing 1,000 inmates each. This need for coordination within the criminal justice system in the County was necessitated not only by rising populations, but by changes in the characteristics of the jail population, including increases in preadjudicated and hard-core State-type inmates serving longer sentences. An overview of current jail construction projects is included. 1 photograph.


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