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Los Angeles Police Department Holiday Crime Prevention Month Circular

NCJ Number
Date Published
November 2000
5 pages
The purpose of this circular is to provide information to Los Angeles residents on basic crime prevention techniques for increasing public security during the holiday season.
Recommendations pertinent to dress are to dress casually and comfortably; avoid wearing expensive jewelry; and do not carry a purse or wallet. Recommendations for driving are not to drive alone or at night; keep all car doors locked and windows closed; park in well-lighted areas at night; do not park next to large vehicles or cars with tinted windows; and do not leave packages on the seat of the car. Among the nine recommendations of shopping are to avoid carrying large amounts of cash; keep cash in your front pocket; and keep a record of all credit card numbers in a safe place at home. Six recommendations are offered for enhancing the safety of children, including teaching children to go to a store clerk if separated from parents while shopping; never leaving children alone in a car; and teaching children to inform a parent if a stranger is bothering them. Among the 10 recommendations for safety at home are to put indoor and outdoor lights on an automatic timer; leave a radio or television on to make the house look and sound occupied; and do not display holiday gifts so they are visible through the windows and doors of the house. Other recommendations pertain to Operation Identification, strangers at the door, hosting a party, and attending a party.