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Los Angeles Police Department Office Creeper Crime Prevention Circular

NCJ Number
Date Published
June 2001
4 pages
This circular provides information from the Los Angeles Police Department regarding how to reduce the incidence of workplace theft, notably office burglaries committed by individuals commonly referred to as the "office creeper."
The "office creeper" is an individual who enters an office building disguised as a fellow office worker or as a stranger posing as a repair, delivery, cleaning, or other service personnel. Examples of suspicious behavior are as follows: an unfamiliar person going from room to room or office to office, a person standing in a hallway for a long period, a person waiting outside of the building near the time of opening or closing, and a person who peers quickly into a room or opens a wrong door while pretending to look for a specific office or person. Tips for helping to prevent workplace thefts are listed under the following general instructions: use keys, electronic access cards, and codes properly; place purses and wallets in secure places; do not leave an office unlocked or allow telephones to ring for extended periods; use caution when a repair person works on, replaces, or removes office equipment; keep track of office equipment and furniture; and keep information secure.